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Reusable Swim Nappies what a great invention say goodbye to the disposables and grab a pair of these cloth nappies for your babies next big splash. These are fitted nice and snug around the legs to avoid any leakage, they are waterproof and can easily be rinsed and washed similar to the cloth nappy, designed to be light weight and like bathers, let's be stylish and avoid any unnecessary 'accidents' on your babies next big splash.

Baby Swim Nappies, One size fits most, we only recommend a weight of up to 15kg 18months Approx depends on your babies size, they will stretch with wear, there are snaps which will allow for you to adjust the swim cloth nappy to a comfortable fit on your baby.

We recommend that buyers look at the care instructions on our main menu to learn how to care for this product to enjoy a longer life out of their cloth nappies.

All of the ReUseMe Cloth Nappies consists of an outer layer of Polyester PUL waterproof, and an inner layer lining of polyester.