Q & A

These questions and answers are questions that I have come across and have been answered by me personally, Sandra the mum behind ReUseMe, I hope these answers help, if you have any questions that you think need an answer please email me and ask away you might just help someone else by adding to this page. I know there are lots of questions on a number of our products because they are not your everyday shop products on the supermarket shelf. They are amazing modern versions of some really old products that were long forgotten and need to be revived. please feel free to email me directly and ask any questions xo

Why Use Cloth Nappies?

Cloth nappies are better for the environment, as a general guide a parent would use on average 5000 nappies, it takes an average of 500 years to breakdown 'a' nappy, nappies are not as biodegradable as we think, they need the correct environment to be able to break down correctly. Do you want to contribute to the masses of waste we produce or do you want to join a growing movement of people who are making a conscious effort to decrease the amount of waste we produce.  

Will a Cloth Nappy fit my baby?

As a general rule these nappies will fit up to 17kg, if your baby is 17kg they may not fit as they are at the higher end of the fitting, each baby is different in shape and size so we use the weight as a 'guide' only. They are adjustable and have snaps that can be used to adjust the cloth nappy in and out depending on the size of your baby.

My baby is at the 'I can't sit still stage' how do you do up the buttons?

My babies do not lie down let alone lie still, I simply began doing the buttons up pre cleaning baby and made underwear then sat bubs on my knees and put them on like undies, hold onto the button areas so they dont pop open when you give a tug and jiggle, then gently push the nappy up in between bubs thighs and away you go!

Are Cloth Nappies easy to clean?

Cloth nappies do take work, there is an extra couple of steps than just taking out the old poly plastic to the overflowing garbage. However parents have been cleaning nappies for years and it can be done, see our care instructions for washing and storage of cloth nappies.

How long will my Beeswax Wrap Last?

With good care and following the instructions sent with the products a beeswax wrap should last up to a year, they do wear away so if you are wiping and scrubbing this item it will tear away at the coating applied. Warm soapy water and a hand wash is recommended!

My Beeswax Wraps isn't sticking as well as it did?
Over time the delicate coating will wear away.
Also during storage I find that a beeswax wrap siting around can gather a little dust or just become very hard and feel like there is no stick.
# rinse with WARM water and let air dry (only exception to the rule)
# give the wrap a good creasing, scrunch it and have a play with it, you should start to feel the sticky resin come back to life. 
# if this does not work then contact us directly and we will help.
If the wraps are between 6-12 months depending on use you may need to prepare a burial in the garden for them and look for some new patterns to cover your food in.
How do menstrual pads work?
Okay so these products are great and look at the pretty patterns! they simply button up around your underwear so no more wings that come unstuck or stuck to you, because that's not nice, depends on the woman as to how long they will last, you can use a large all night no problems, bamboo needs to be washed a few times to break it in and make it more absorbent, the charcoal layer masks odor naturally, no you cannot see the stains on them and really its just a natural thing ladies, yes you need to clean them, put them in a bucket with vinegar to eliminate smell and then wash them with whatever load you like, will it matter? that depends on the person, once again I am not here to tell you how to do your laundry. Savings $90 minimum saving a year by using this product depending on your current preference. This is an all out winner for ReUseMe products and I cannot tell you how much amazing feedback we have for this product.
Can I use a normal nappy for swimming?
Since the launch of our swim nappy I have had many friends and customers ask the same question. Can you use a cloth nappy for swimming. The answer is no, The swim nappies are made of a different fabric on the inside, light and breathable for swimming, the seams are snug fitting and would prevent any unwanted floaters in the water, long story short, these are fabulous! they will save you a fortune in disposables and be rid of some very unnecessary waste.