Care For Cloth Nappies

New Cloth Nappies

Wash your new cloth nappies a minimum of three times before use, this will also help the inserts become more absorbent a wonderful thing about using bamboo.

Remove the insert and close the snaps when washing your nappies, this will prevent your nappies from stretching out of shape in the wash and allow the inserts to clean properly.

Washing Instructions


  • Store in a dry pail to allow air ensure pail is open or has holes.
    Remove poo by rinsing with a nappy spray hose or flushing in the toilet.
    Rinse well after removal of your cloth nappies prior to placing in storage.


  • Prewash nappies with a 'half cycle' or 'prewash cycle' and then a Main wash to remove particles and stubborn stains in clean water, temperature is aimed at 60c.
  • Use a natural laundry detergent, there is a great variety from Natures organics, earth choice, purity sensitive, organic care, these are all products that have been formulated with natural ingredients where possible and have a very low negative impact on the environment. They are also less abrasive on your nappies and will lead to less build up of residue, rendering your nappies less absorbent and causing damage to the elastics and fabric.
  • Nappies should be washed by 3 days when dry pailing.


  • Line dry outside
  • PUL outer shell in the shade or indoors
  • Dryers can be used on low heat