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Care For Cloth Nappies

Before using your cloth nappies

Pre-Wash Nappy and Insert 

Line Dry 

Repeat then Wrap that beautiful baby

We recommend washing them a minimum of two times before use, this will help the inserts become more absorbent a wonderful thing about using bamboo.

Remove the insert and close the snaps when washing your nappies, this will prevent your nappies from stretching out of shape in the wash and allow the inserts to clean properly.

Drying your cloth nappies in the sun is the preferred method this will allow for the nappies to be bleached also and remove any stains from soiling.

However a 'light' machine dry can be used, especially through the winter months.

Tips & Tricks

We recommend using only a natural detergent, there is a great variety from Natures organics, earth choice, purity sensitive, organic care, these are all products that have been formulated with natural ingredients where possible and have a very low negative impact on the environment. They are also less abrasive on your nappies and will lead to less build up of residue, rendering your nappies less absorbent.

If you do have a large build up of creams or baby balms on your cloth nappies this will lead to the urine not soaking through properly, once again we would recommend the Natures organics range of dishwashing liquid a tub of warm water and soaking the nappies over night before washing them clean without any products.

That strong urine odour left after a day of not washing, no worries simply add a dash of vinegar to your washing machine, there Is no right or wrong answer to how much, we would recommend a good 50mls.

Wet bags are a great place to keep your nappies before washing them they help keep the smell sealed away and can be washed alongside your nappies when empty. Once again we recommend using a detergent from Natures Organics, either earth choice or purity sensitive.