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A little bit about us

ReUseMe what a wonderful thing to say, unfortunately, we no longer reuse much these days which is something that must change.
After having children I feel like I have this huge responsibility to make changes to the way in which we as a family do things, we have become very conscious of how we use and reuse items in our home. I feel like I need to preserve some part of this world and its goodness for my children's future and this is how our story begins.
I began a recycling rampage, I began changing the items in our house like you wouldn't believe, loving the biodegradable and banning plastic toys, plastic bags, toothbrushes, cleaning items were removed, hello bamboo cloths! we began composting and gardening, the one thing I noticed was how much garbage we had and it was nappies! how did we get here? how did entire generations decide to wrap our beautiful babies up in plastic polymer polypropylene, sounds nasty when we say it like that doesn't it?  
The solution, back to basics, the difference is we have these beautiful bamboo products with buttons! yes we made it easier than the old towel, so how could i ignore this, well I couldn't, but then I struggled to find good quality at an affordable price...​ Next thing you know this Melbourne based mum is specialising in cloth nappies, carefully designing patterns with a Two year old co pilot, who approves all designs on completion.By bringing parents cloth nappies at an affordable cost ReUseMe is hoping that this old-fashioned and environmentally friendly method of care for our beautiful babies will catch on again. 
Cloth nappies are easy to use, reusable, eco-friendly, simple to clean and much more gentle on your beautiful babies bottom, so join a growing trend and make a little change for a big difference, I will ensure customers access at an affordable price to all products we stock.
Disposable nappies cannot be recycled and we have contributed far too much garbage to this earth as it is, if your child uses up to 5000 nappies and each nappy take approximately 500 years to break down then let's face it we could potentially be swimming in nappies sooner than you think.
We can make a small change for a massive difference for that beautiful baby.


Beautifully made and smells amazing! Super fast postage too. Thank you 🙏🏻✨🌈

Francene Murray

Lovely fabric, quick delivery. Thank you!

Catherine Pye

Love our new cloth nappies, Thank you!


COVID Update for ReUseMe

ReUseMe will continue to provide services in line with the Australian Governments Laws & Regulations. Through the COVID 19 pandemic ReUseMe will continue to stay up to date with what is required from our business and ensure the safety of our customers.

We have a COVID safe plan in action as required and as we are a family owned and operated business you can be assured that these orders are personally packed and prepared with minimal handling and exposure to large numbers of staff. Our customers health and well being is important to us.

ReUseMe is a small business and we understand the impacts on families through the COVID pandemic, we have Low Income packages available.